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Our company was found in 2012 in Ankara and has grown in professional level with many years of experience in the sector and produces Concrete Batching Plants that meet various needs with its experienced staff in project and construction sites.

Thanks to its concrete batching plants and customer focused solutions, it has started to take place in the sector. Design, production quality and workmanship, assembly and after-sales technical service services and customer-focused approach to work adopted and quality policy as a principle. Thanks to the young dynamic teams he has in his possession, this field continues to serve and find new solutions by following the developing technology.

Asurmak Engineering Inc. is a brand with sustainable development principle in the developing technology with its employees whom are team spirits that takes happiness of collective and environmentally sensitive stakeholders as a principle. It delivers to the customers that they deliver the best quality concrete plant to their customers and that the concrete plants which aim to complete customer satisfaction will work with low operating costs for many years.

The vision of the Asurmak Engineering family is to feel the added value of the company and its subsidiaries' projects and products at every point of their existence and to present the surplus value to the national economy.

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